Top Trends in Network Observability: Heightening Intelligence, Inspection, Insights, Integration, and Innovation

Onrushing digital business demands, continual technology advancements, and ever-improving IT practices are all applying more and more pressure on the network infrastructure and network management systems, services and staff. Network observability solutions must provide a detailed intelligence and insight to not only assure network integrity but also focus on positive digital experiences, strengthened security posture, and fully effective IT optimization and automation.

Key Takeaways

  • Understanding the state of the network at any given time, delivering consistent and high-quality network services, maximizing the productivity of both users and IT staff, protecting networked resources, and adapting readily to new requirements are keys to success in network management.
  • The detailed data and in-depth analysis. Provided by network observability solutions should serve as contributor to management efforts across IT and foundation for both reactive and proactive automation.
  • Success of network observability solutions rests on their ability to offer detailed insights into the cloud, bolster security postures and processes, deliver the best user experience, support integration with other management and observability tools, and serve to bolster staff capabilities, productivity, and impact.