Cisco® Recognizes Masergy with Two Webex Contact Center Awards

Posted on September 24, 2019

At the Contact Center Summit 2019 in Florida, Cisco presented Masergy with two awards recognizing our company as the top strategic partner in delivering Webex Contact Center solutions to the market. The #1 Global Webex Contact Center Users award reflects the fact that Masergy has the largest number of active users worldwide, and the Top Webex Contact Center Bookings (America) award serves as a way of distinguishing Masergy’s joint Cisco solution as the most preferred by American enterprises. Indeed, Masergy is a Global Premier Partner aggressively driving Cisco’s growth with unrivaled application performance across the globe, and we’re honored to receive this recognition.

But there’s much more to this story than just awards.

There’s a reason more enterprises are pairing Masergy and Cisco when they’re ready to lift and shift their on-premise contact centers into the cloud. It’s because a Masergy-Cisco solution removes typical IT complexities, giving leaders more confidence and certainty about their customer experience digital transformation. For instance, in 2019, a major retailer selected a Masergy-Cisco solution to consolidate both its contact center and unified communications systems, dramatically reducing the number of providers it needed for internal and external communications. The solution reduced operational costs, increased collaboration, implemented new omni-channel support functions and maximized efficiency by integrating with existing processes. Moreover, it helped the global company gain analytics-driven performance routing, full IVR, and integrated call recording.

Here’s why our contact center solution gives global enterprises confidence:

  1. One platform and fewer providers: When enterprises see Cisco’s Webex Contact Center embedded into a software-defined network service that comes with 24/7 performance monitoring and optional security services, they see more end-to-end benefit with fewer partners and burdens on their IT teams. Our joint solutions proactively mitigate IT complexities with an all-in-one solution that includes:
    • Omni-channel contact center capabilities to manage agent interactions for improved business outcomes
    • Built-in predictive analytics that dynamically select agents and routes customers according to business impact
    • Open APIs with multiple CRMs to increase first-contact resolution and customer satisfaction
    • A reliable network service with SLAs for globally consistent performance
    • Bundled security service options encompassing both threat monitoring and response
  2. Solution integration that’s as tight as the partnership: Our relationship dates back to 2004, so Masergy is well connected to the Cisco organization and equally versed in the product portfolio. As a result, we have industry-tested cloud migration paths that have been proven for global enterprises. Right up front, we show buyers solution designs that dig into the IT architecture details giving clear visibility into how network connectivity is integrated, where and when private connectivity can be used for on-premise or PBX-based services, and how call flow paths will be unified via the network service. When there’s a lot of underlying infrastructure that must all work together, this transparency and integration success history creates a sense of certainty for the decision maker.
  3. The foresight of tomorrow: With a single dashboard for both bandwidth optimization and CCaaS analytics and network automation tools, IT leaders feel assured that they have the technologies and partners to push the boundaries of what’s possible both today and into the future. Cisco is a perennial Leader in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for UCaaS and a Visionary in CCaaS. Also, Masergy is a Visionary in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Global Managed Network Services. IT executives know that they can boldly move their organizations forward with recognized partners.

Today’s contact centers want a no-hassle path to the cloud, but they lack bundled solutions that smoothly blend reliable network services with the Cisco Webex technology stack. As a result, they get stuck with the network service procurement and integration work. On a global scale, that can be a huge burden! Cloud migration doesn’t have to be that complex. With Masergy and Cisco at your side, we can accelerate installation and deployment processes, dramatically decreasing cloud complications. The end result is speed, and in today’s digital era, speed is the new business currency. Time-to-innovation and time-to-market makes a competitive difference.

Together, Masergy and Cisco give IT leaders a unique sense of certainty, and that’s what fuels our sales and top bookings awards. Thank you again to our partners at Cisco for this honor. We look forward to more shared success!

Ready to transition your contact center to the cloud? Be part of the certain difference with Masergy and Cisco. Schedule your free consultation today.

Andrew Ramos

With 20+ years of experience as a strategic sales leader, Andrew consistently sets the stage for growth by crafting highly customized solutions that scale and grow with the long-term needs of enterprise customers. At Masergy, he has developed and managed strategic relationships across each sales channel and was promoted to lead efforts in cultivating and enhancing relationships with global systems integrators. Prior to joining Masergy, Andrew served as sales executive for Verizon Enterprise Solutions.

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