Voice Portal


The voice portal provides an interactive voice response (IVR) application that can be called by members of the group from any phone, to manage their services and voice mailbox, or to change their passcode. The group administrator can also use the voice portal to record new greetings for a group’s Auto Attendants. The voice portal has been enhanced to allow users to automatically log in to the voice portal if calling from their own phone or device.

This Auto-login feature to voice portal allows a user if calling from their own phone into voice portal, when set to “yes”, then they are not prompted for a passcode, and instead, immediately have access to the voice portal menu. When this option is set to “no”, then the existing functionality is used and users are prompted for their passcode. The voice portal provides a convenient way for users to manage their services from any phone.

How to

To access the voice portal menu, users must dial either the number of their group voice portal or *62. Each user can enable or disable auto-login to the voice portal. When the voice portal auto- login option is disabled, the login behavior remains unchanged. When enabled, all scenarios where the system recognizes the calling user (and would usually prompt immediately for a password rather than for an ID), result in an automatic authentication, and the password collection phase is skipped. Examples of automatically logging in to the voice portal are as follows:

  • Masergy users call the system voice portal number from their own phone
  • Masergy users call their group voice portal number from their own phone
  • Masergy users call themselves from their own phone (the entry point is the VMR main menu).

Upon connecting to the voice portal, users are optionally played a branding announcement, followed by a prompt for their number and passcode. Upon successfully authentication, users are presented with the main menu that offers the options described earlier. Users can then select the desired option from the main menu and navigate through the menus by pressing the corresponding keys on their phone. All options offered by the voice portal service allow users to revert back to the main menu, so multiple options can be selected during the same session.

The first a user logs into the voice portal the wizard guides the new user through the following steps:

  • Change passcode from the default one (or after an administrator has reset it)
  • Record personalized name

All users must go through the wizard before they can use the voice portal for the first time.

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