AIOps goes mainstream, empowering hyper automation and accelerated innovation

Avatar for Terry TrainaBy Terry Traina|Nov 23, 2021|7:30 am CST

As we look toward the future, Masergy recognizes distinct trends that will continue to foster innovation, putting digital transformation on the fast track. The future will be propelled by artificial intelligence (AI), open collaboration, and broader approaches spanning all IT environments. This series of articles outlines the four key predictions we think will happen next. Get a sneak peek at them all in our infographic!

Here is our first prediction…

AIOps goes mainstream, empowering hyper automation and accelerated innovation

With a level of influence comparable to the Internet, AI technologies will begin to hyper automate IT operations in 2022, unleashing innovation and digital transformation for businesses of all sizes. With the advancements and widespread adoption of AI for IT Operations (AIOps) tools, networks will start to become fully automated. Between IT leaders no longer viewing AI as experimental and AIOps tools turning the corner with closed-loop automation, nothing is stopping forward-leaning companies from achieving full autonomy.

It’s no secret that AI is no longer viewed as experimental. In fact, a recent ZK Research study shows IT leaders have a pronounced sense of confidence and trust in AIOps technologies:

  • 64% of companies are already using AIOps
  • 55% use it across both network and security
  • 84% see AIOps as a path to a fully automated network with 94% confident it can be trusted and 86% expecting to reach full network autonomy within 5 years

AIOps automation equals faster decisions, faster iterations, and faster innovation.

With AIOps reaching the mainstream, 2022 is the time to invest or get left behind.

How hyper automation comes to life: Advancing from AI intelligence to automation

While IT leaders might be convinced about AIOps, they don’t always know how it will help them arrive at the milestone of full autonomy. Indeed, there is a stark difference between AI intelligence and AI automation. AIOps insight has been helping network engineers understand what’s happening inside their IT environments for some years now. But in 2022, more AIOps tools are advancing from being simply insight generators to self-healing and self-managing machines. Those key characteristics are the trademarks and early indicators of a fully autonomous network, and they are made possible by a process called closed-loop automation.

When the AIOps engine is connected to the network control panel, it has the potential to act on its own recommendations — thus closing the loop by both finding and fixing problems. For instance, it can repair overlapping IP address configurations and boost bandwidth if an application isn’t delivering the quality of service expected. Full automation capabilities are here— it’s simply a matter of training the system to your practices and playbooks.

This is precisely how hyper automation will come to life in 2022 with IT staffers going from spending 50% of their time troubleshooting performance to having more time for strategic and innovative work. Benefits of AIOps include:

  • IT operational efficiencies
  • Improved application performance and business continuity
  • Accelerated security threat detection and response processes

According to Gartner, “organizations that automate 70+% of their network change activities will reduce outages by at least 50% and deliver services 50% faster.”

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