Remote workers and the public internet: Solving the problem of cloud application performance

With today’s trends in remote and hybrid work, 64% of IT leaders say they are relying more on the public internet—that’s despite the fact that these network connections don’t always serve their business needs. When it comes to application availability, the public internet or public broadband links are known to be cost effective but inherently unstable. Broadband is a “best effort” technology, making it unfit for real-time data applications like voice and video conferencing. As a result, productivity and business continuity are often at risk when employees must rely on broadband to get the information they need.

IT leaders consistently report the public internet as the #1 reason for work-from-home frustration, not to mention lost sales and revenue. It’s the key culprit in explaining why it is difficult for IT teams to guarantee performance for voice and video applications.

To make matters worse, IT leaders overwhelmingly state that they measure remote collaboration success based on application performance — that’s over other key metrics like cost savings, revenue gains, and productivity. With these trends, an ugly truth is starting to reveal itself:

As broadband dominates, IT teams are increasingly being asked to deliver predictable application experiences over network connections that are inherently unstable, and they’re being measured on it.

When the success of remote work and business continuity is riding on the type of network connection used, IT leaders need an assurance that their broadband connections can adequately support at-home workers and critical business applications everywhere. That’s where Masergy comes in.

What you’ll learn

  • The top challenges of remote work
  • How IT teams measure the success of remote collaboration
  • Ways to assure broadband connections can support at-home workers

High-performance broadband transforms remote work

Masergy Performance Edge™ is a patent-pending technology that enables companies to leverage SD-WAN and SASE with a public broadband connection and receive high-performance connectivity services roughly equivalent to a private line or Ethernet circuit. Performance Edge minimizes packet loss over SD-WAN public broadband connections, so IT leaders get an user experience more like a private connection at a cost that is significantly softer on their budget.

With Performance Edge, businesses gain the service quality and confidence to use SD-WAN with broadband to connect employees at home or in locations where a private Ethernet line is too expensive or completely unavailable. Clients are particularly using Performance Edge as an upgrade at sites where broadband is used as a secondary or backup link. And cybersecurity is never an afterthought with Masergy — Performance Edge delivers secure local internet breakouts and scalable next-gen firewalls that can be deployed both on-site and in the cloud to match the business needs of the corporate WAN.

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Better Performance

  • Minimize packet loss
  • Get an experience more like a private connection
  • Deliver predictable application performance

Less expensive

  • Save up to 70% compared to a private line circuit
  • Make no long term commitments
  • Prevent outages with AI-powered performance visibility

Fast to install

  • Connect sites in days versus weeks
  • Boost existing circuits for immediate results
  • Make your business services highly scalable

5 more reasons to choose Masergy for SASE & SD-WAN

  1. Embedded security technologies from Gartner Magic Quadrant leaders
  2. WFH made easy: Network, security, and UCaaS in one cloud platform
  3. AI intelligence helps you predict and prevent outages
  4. 24/7 network management, 24/7 threat detection & response
  5. Global SD-network with the industry’s best SLAs

About Masergy

Masergy is the software-defined network and cloud platform for the digital enterprise. Recognized as the pioneer in software-defined networking, Masergy enables unrivaled, secure application performance across the network and the cloud with Managed SDWAN, UCaaS, CCaaS and Managed Security solutions. Industry leading SLAs coupled with an unparalleled customer experience enable global enterprises to achieve business outcomes with certainty.

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