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Sound security strategies

Security is an ever-expanding job, and Masergy stands ready to help you across the landscape of responsibilities. From designing your corporate security strategy and analyzing your security operations to enhancing your compliance and risk management, Masergy has you covered. We’ll understand the unique nuances of your network and multi-cloud environment and then help you identify gaps, prioritize improvements, and carefully navigate judgment calls. Need help with the remediation work? Don’t worry, we have a global team of tenured professionals too.

Security confidence

  • Quickly identify potential weaknesses and get a prioritized response plan
  • Infrastructure audits of your on-premise and cloud-based applications
  • Support compliance for PCI, HIPAA, and more

Insights and expertise

  • Augment your leadership team with Virtual CISO services
  • Develop comprehensive risk management strategies
  • Deploy proven processes to strengthen your protections

Comprehensive solutions

  • Gain a more effective security policy and compliance with vulnerability assessments
  • Employ comprehensive testing including penetration testing, social engineering, and spear phishing
  • Get complete application security audits for web, mobile, and APIs

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