Connecting Your Healthcare System

“The healthcare system generates approximately a zettabyte (a trillion gigabytes) of data annually, and the amount is doubling every two years… The ecosystem around this data is complex, with thousands of institutions involved in the collection, transfer, and use of information about patients.”


The healthcare industry is undergoing changes that impact every part of the ecosystem responsible for patient outcomes – from healthcare providers, insurance companies, and pharmaceuticals to medical device and Health Information Technology firms. Changing patient expectations, payment reimbursement models, and technology are creating competing priorities for quality of care and profitability. Healthcare organizations must constantly balance the need to be always connected with the need to ensure patient privacy. And they are doing all this while M&A and consolidation continues as organizations trim costs.

That’s where Masergy can help. We put you in control with innovative solutions that deliver the IT agility, flexibility, visibility, and cybersecurity you need.

Solutions for healthcare

  • Network modernization
  • Collaboration for telemedicine
  • Patient experience
  • Security and privacy

“Masergy is a consistent Visionary in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Network Services, Global”


Solutions and services for better patient outcomes

Whether you are deploying new medical IoT applications, launching telemedicine services, or implementing MACRA, Masergy is the partner that can bring you the security, flexibility, and reliability that meet your cloud and network needs. With Masergy, you can Transform with Certainty ℠.

Masergy pioneered software-defined networking more than 20 years ago. Today, healthcare providers are deploying our SD-WAN to gain needed IT agility and flexibility while supporting HIPAA compliance and delivering innovative, secure, and personalized experiences for patients.

With Masergy Amgen connected 64 sites in 7 months start to finish.

Quality of care depends on access to information

Hospitals, physician practices, pharmaceuticals, medical technology firms, and payors – including insurance companies and Medicare/Medicaid – all form a highly complex web of involved parties essential to the overall delivery of patient care. Integrating and securing all relevant data in ways that support quality care and profitable operations is a challenge in today’s shifting environment. Masergy provides a complete solution for healthcare organizations, combining reliable and secure connectivity in the cloud, at the edge, and in the datacenter.

Security and privacy underpin all healthcare data

Healthcare records are 46x more valuable than any other records. And HIPAA regulations impose steep fines for mishandling patient data. From patient records, to IoT data, to financial records, healthcare providers must address information security concerns before anything else. Masergy’s SD-WAN for healthcare has security builtin with firewalls as well as 24/7 threat monitoring and response services.

“In the end, it’s about how we can have the most reliable and optimized network. We can offer connectivity and services with the flexibility and speed required.”

VP of Enterprise IT and Technology Services at Amgen

Real-time healthcare leverages AI and big data

Patients and payors are demanding faster, more accurate diagnosis and the use of AI and big data is opening new doors to better care. The use of health sensors and IoMT is expanding the real-time collection of critical healthcare data and facilitating proactive, remote delivery of service. Masergy’s SD-WAN for healthcare enables clinicians and patients to connect and share data securely and can prioritize healthcare application performance, dynamically managing bandwidth allocation to meet changing needs across the network.

The rise of telemedicine

Telehealth is bridging the gap between patients, doctors, and health systems. As the demand for virtual doctor visits skyrocket, the need for the network to support high-quality video conferencing becomes increasingly important. Masergy’s UCaaS solution is powered by Webex® and embedded into the SD-WAN platform, delivering perfect communications with <1 millisecond of jitter and 100% in-sequence packet delivery.

“The healthcare companies best poised to succeed in the future are ones that will have data at the center of their organizations, generating key insights into how to improve their customer experience, allocate resources, assess and monitor risk, and create new and better products and business models.”

PWC Top Health Industry Issues

The flexibility to adapt to constant change

Gain agility and flexibility with SD-WAN

  • Leverage your existing network infrastructure and extend connectivity for cloud apps, locations, and users
  • Prioritize health application performance and dynamically manage bandwidth allocation
  • Manage it all via one online portal

Secure all devices and connections with Managed Security

  • Use machine learning and behavioral analytics to identify security threats
  • Get 24/7 threat monitoring and response
  • Protect endpoints and cloud IT environments with the latest technologies

Enable telehealth with Unified Communications as a Service

  • Leverage VoIP and video conferencing with industryleading performance
  • Simplify cloud communications with hybrid solutions
  • Ensure always-on global communications

Increase patient loyalty with Cloud Contact Center

  • Deliver superior service with predictive routing and omnichannel technologies
  • Automate routine tasks to take service to a new level
  • Simplify network management

The Masergy difference

Masergy offers an extraordinary customer experience to healthcare organizations in the process of digital transformation. Our process is unique and focused on delivering you the very best experience. We work with each organization individually to establish the right design, security, and support. Our unwavering commitment includes 24/7 network monitoring and tech support. And we’re with you the entire journey.