It's time for a new approach to security

Prevention is only one piece of the cybersecurity puzzle

It's a new threat landscape and it requires more

With more data, more users, and more applications, services, and devices, there's more to protect. And ever-changing cyber threats are penetrating even the toughest defenses with sophisticated attack methods. When it comes to mitigating risks, what's worked in the past is no longer enough.

Unified enterprise security from Masergy

It’s time for a rigorous approach to cybersecurity that goes beyond prevention to include rapid detection and response. Masergy takes this approach further to deliver comprehensive, global Managed Security on an integrated platform complete with advanced analytics and 24/7 continuous monitoring.

Get more from a security incident resolution platform powered by machine learning and behavioral analytics.

Optimize your security resources with a team of certified professionals working 24/7 to lighten the workload.

Reduce the risk of security threats across the enterprise with embedded threat intelligence.

Leverage the cloud with confidence using visibility tools, analytics, and real-time monitoring for cloud workloads.

Mitigate your risk and optimize your security resources with comprehensive detection and response solutions


How To Secure IaaS & PaaS Effectively

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