Meet face-to-face anywhere, anytime

Video conferencing powered by Cisco®

Meetings made easy and secure

Remote never has to mean removed. Successful meetings can take place in any coffee shop or living room in the world—and from any device. Cisco Webex Meetings is embedded in Masergy’s software-defined network platform for an all-in-one solution that delivers reliable connectivity across the globe with built-in security.

Easy to initiate

One-touch video or audio conferencing via desktop or mobile devices

Turn on screen-share and recording instantly

Seamlessly change devices

Comprehensive control

Instant access to participant profiles and background information

Robust data and analytics

Secure connections with PINs and authorization codes

High-quality webinars

Interactive webinars with HD-video

Recording and hosted on-demand features

Supports up to 100,000 participants

Perfect Video Conferencing: How to Avoid Digital Mush

Simpler meetings for the modern mobile workforce

Schedule and start meetings from anywhere and on any device. Cisco Webex® Meetings starts a meeting with the push of just one button on your browser, mobile app, or conference room device. Meanwhile, Masergy’s network delivers the performance and security you need for pristine audio, video, and content sharing in your real-time collaborations.

Transform your collaboration with consistent global communications and unrivaled application performance

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