The Future Of Edge Computing

Forrester Report

In the future, software will run everywhere; edge computing is how it will happen, and it might not all be pretty. Change will occur across four business scenarios and involve six technologies that enable workloads to run where they run best. In the short term, solutions will be plagued by a fragmented technology landscape and the retirement of 3G. In the midterm, the allure of 5G will drive better edge management, orchestration, and edge-to-cloud capabilities. In the long term, 5G rollout, network advancement, and smaller converged devices and infrastructure will proliferate. This report examines the major expected technology changes across these horizons. Download the report to learn more about:

  • Benefits of edge computing on software, digital experience, and connected things
  • Challenges presented by the expanding edge, including complexity, trust, and sustainability
  • Framework of the four computing environments for edge: engagement, operations, enterprise, and provider
  • Why workload affinity is the holy grail of edge computing

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