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Cloud Communications can help your organization reduce its TCO by eliminating upfront acquisition costs, reducing deployment cycles and cutting IT administrative costs. It also removes software update requirements and eliminates on-premises equipment.

Software Defined Networking (SDN) and Network Function Virtualization (NFV) are two emerging technologies that are helping companies create modern and agile networks that can adapt to rapidly changing business requirements.

Cloud-based Unified Communications brings together multiple communications services into a single cohesive platform, including voice, video, chat and presence.

Increased adoption of public cloud services and the insatiable appetite for Internet bandwidth is driving interest in SD-WAN, a new approach to wide area networking.

This next generation managed service provides an integrated security architecture and advanced behavioral analysis to track suspicious network activities.

There's a new landscape dominated by advanced persistent threats and many organizations are finding that SIEM technology is not sufficient by itself to address these growing problems. To jumpstart threat protection, many companies are turning to Managed Security Service Providers to deliver a comprehensive solution.

Read this Forrester Technology Adoption Profile (TAP) paper to understand how over 100 IT security professionals at large enterprises in North America evaluate and leverage managed security service providers (MSSPs).

A Cloud Communications solution should provide your enterprise with the latest technologies needed to mitigate against security breaches that can disrupt business activities. Learn how Masergy’s UCaaS security features ensure the confidentiality of your business communications.

Managed Security Service Providers can bring added resources and expertise to the job of defending your valuable corporate assets. And that's essential as executive management and boards place greater scrutiny on security strategies.

In a world of expansive network borders, security professionals must look beyond traditional data protection methods.

In this Ovum Research white paper, IT infrastructure decision makers  will learn how enterprises can leverage a fully managed software defined network platform for dynamic, high-performance and agile connectivity to achieve optimal application performance. 

The global network is your company’s central nervous system that influences the overall health and performance of your business. Consider these essential requirements when selecting a network service provider.

Learn how a new generation of security assessment techniques can help your organization combat the proliferation of sophisticated malware, data breaches and advanced persistent threats. 


Leading CIOs see their network as a business platform and a key enabler of product innovation.

Organizations are increasingly vulnerable to a fast-growing range of cyber breaches and exploits.

The Security Threat landscape is rapidly mutating and the costs of a security breach can have a material impact on many areas of the enterprise.

Corporate security systems, from firewalls to intrusion detection products generate massive amounts of data. Turning that data into meaningful insights is one of the biggest challenges facing corporate CISOs. 

Businesses have invested in a number of discrete solutions to address particular security needs. While all of them serve a useful purpose, they operate as silos. And they all have their limitations.

Emerging technologies such as mobile, social media and cloud computing are creating new security vulnerabilities for enterprise IT. Companies and their solution providers are working to integrate advanced technologies into their networks to stem the tide of advanced persistent threats.



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