• CDH Legal

    CDH strengthens data and client security with machine learning for threat detection and a larger team of certified security analysts working around the clock.

  • Pearl Meyer

    Needing to update their WAN edge architecture and improve application performance and security, Pearl Meyer implemented SD-WAN. The solution enhanced productivity while reducing costs by 15%.

  • For most enterprises, staying on top of cyber security is a task that requires the help of managed security services. Three success stories demonstrate how IT teams are leveraging Masergy to protect their infrastructure from sophisticated attacks.

  • Weightmans

    Weightmans required more manpower and a comprehensive security strategy to make its security operations as strong as its legal team. See how Masergy’s Managed Detection and Response platform delivers 24-7 monitoring and saves the IT team 144 hours each quarter.

  • Eurostar

    High-speed train company Eurostar partners with Masergy for cloud digital transformation that leverages Amazon Web Services. See how Masergy ensures network reliability that supports streamlined web, mobile, and call center experiences.

  • Intertrust

    Legal and financial services company Intertrust Group uses Masergy’s network and managed security solutions to tackle security risks and multi-country compliance demands. Explore how the IT team responds to regulations, buys back time, and delivers bandwidth on demand.

  • Elevate

    Online credit services company Elevate needed a managed services provider to expand their security workforce. Hear how Unified Enterprise Security helped the company avoid hiring 3-4 more IT experts and proved to be the creative problem solvers Elevate needed.