Cloud Group Paging


Cloud Group Paging is a virtual user service that allows for unidirectional paging to a group of users across all of your enterprise locations, to a predefined group of up to 200 users by either dialing a phone number or extension.

IT administrators can set up Cloud Group Paging for anyone in their corporate Masergy UCaaS directory. Masergy Cloud Group Paging groups are searchable from the corporate phone directory (based on the privacy settings).

A paging group is an instance of the Cloud Group Paging service and is assigned a list of targets and a list of originators with a phone number/extension.

Only the originators are allowed to use the phone number assigned to the Cloud Group Paging. When an originator dials the Cloud Group Paging phone number, all the targets are paged and connected into an “n-way” conference with the originator.

The maximum number of targets in any paging group is controlled at the enterprise and group levels. The maximum number of targets that can be configured in any paging group is recommended not to exceed 200.

Nested Paging Groups

A paging group can be defined as a target in another Cloud Group Paging, thus creating a nested paging group. The nesting is limited to a single level. The total numbers of users in a nested paging group must comply with the configured maximum. A paging group cannot be deleted from the system if it is nested inside another paging group.

Targets or Extensions

Any user or paging group within a group or enterprise can be a target in a paging group. Virtual On-Net users are not possible targets. In addition, the user can be a target in multiple paging groups.

Cloud Group Paging also applies to the target user’s alternate locations. A configuration option is provided at the user level for services such as Shared Call Appearance and Masergy Anywhere to enable alternate locations for paging.

Diversions toward the targets are inhibited for a page. Therefore, Forking services and Call Forwarding services assigned to the target are ignored. A page is initiated to a target if the target is able to receive the page, that is, if the target is “idle” or has Call Waiting enabled. If the target is busy or has the Do Not Disturb service enabled, they are not paged.


Any user within a group or enterprise can be an originator in a Cloud Group Paging. Virtual On-Net users are not possible originators. In addition, the user can be assigned as an originator in multiple paging groups.

If the originator is also included in the paging group as a target, the originator is excluded from the list of targets to be paged when they make a call to the paging group.


Being a virtual user, a paging group can be assigned services. Only the following services are assignable to a paging group:

  • Call Notify
  • Custom Ring-back
  • Privacy
  • Selective Call Acceptance
  • Selective Call Rejection


Paging groups are virtual users created at the group level. The group must have the Cloud Group Paging service assigned and activated to be able to create paging groups. The administrator configures paging groups through the Administrator enterprise/group web portal.

The configuration includes the following:

  • Basic information, such as name, calling line identity, department, and time zone
  • Phone number and/or extension
  • Targets and originators
  • Services assignment and settings

At the enterprise, and group level, limits are set for the maximum number of targets allowed in a paging group.

Also, Masergy Support could configure this service for your business. Any telephone can be included or excluded from group paging announcements. And if a telephone is off hook on an active call; would be prevented from hearing an announcement. For more information, please contact Support by dialing 611 from your Polycom telephone or emailing

Note: The Cloud Group Paging service may affect your bandwidth because they utilize multicast which can result in a broadcast storm across your business’ LAN/WAN.

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