Managed Security

Get comprehensive managed detection and response with our integrated cyber security platform, advanced analytics, and 24/7 continuous monitoring.

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Cyber security is about more than prevention.

Detection and Response
is Mandatory.

Today’s threat landscape requires a rigorous approach to cyber security that goes beyond prevention to include rapid detection and response.

Masergy’s Managed Security solutions offer comprehensive managed detection and response services on a global scale, tailored to meet any budget. We take the workload off of your staff to help you optimize your security resources and improve outcomes.


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Unified Enterprise Security

Our security ecosystem includes advanced analytics and patented machine learning techniques that identify sophisticated attacks.

Security Operations

Masergy’s staff of certified security experts provide 24/7 network monitoring. We employ well-defined processes customized to work with your incident response requirements.

Professional Services

Work with a trusted partner to assess risks and ensure compliance with comprehensive security audits, vulnerability assessments, and penetration testing.

Superior Security. Unmatched Service.

  • Holistic detection and response ecosystem — rigorous coverage with a fully-managed cyber security platform that can be deployed standalone or fully integrated with your existing technology investments.
  • Advanced analytics and risk prioritization — patented machine learning enabled security analytics that identifies sophisticated attack patterns and delivers high-quality alerts.
  • Cohesive security team — fully-managed with well-defined process integration between the Masergy Security Operations Center and Customer Security Team, so that critical security responses are made faster and effectively.
  • Security incident resolution — mature response platform optimizes limited resources and provides prompt and efficient incident resolution and superior security outcomes.

A Holistic Detection and Response Ecosystem

Your security platform should be more than just a cost center. Masergy Unified Enterprise Security (UES) delivers a comprehensive, fully-managed suite of security services that can be deployed standalone or fully integrated with your existing technology investments.

As a Managed Security Service Provider, Masergy:

  • Supports agile risk management capabilities that enable your aggressive transformation strategies, whether on-prem, cloud, or hybrid.
  • Communicates effective risk management with visibility and situational awareness to help you make better decisions and avoid security surprises.
  • Helps you understand your own security maturity, and fill any security gaps.
  • Optimizes existing security investments for improved ROI.

Masergy delivers true agility through its award-winning managed platform. IT and security teams gain the flexibility needed to focus on business transformation and manage situational awareness while effectively improving overall organizational security risk.

What Our Customers Are Saying

"I trust in Masergy’s ability to detect and respond to global threats."

— CISO, Elevate

"Masergy's threat intelligence dashboard delivers comprehensive security insights."

— Director of Strategy and Infrastructure, Intertrust

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