Ingenico increases bandwidth by 30% and cuts costs by 40%

“With Masergy Managed SD-WAN, we have lowered our total cost of operations. The SD-WAN solution is cloud-based, and the orchestrator can push different policies on different SD-WAN boxes. If tomorrow I need to draw up some access, Masergy will do it all. Now, we are quicker to deliver what we want.”

CIO at Ingenico

When the CIO of Ingenico Group was tasked with supporting a growth plan that would double the size of the company, he was challenged by a rigid and complex network with multiple providers. Plus, he faced bandwidth demands that were increasing at a rate of 25 percent or more annually. To build a network fabric that would enable seamless future growth and real agility, Ingenico needed to transform its existing IT strategy, shifting to a software defined hybrid network architecture that would effectively serve 88+ global offices and accelerate their cloud-first approach.

The goal was to consolidate multiple service contracts and refresh technologies through a single provider who could help them build an access agnostic network that increased cloud application performance across North America, Latin America, Europe, and Asia Pacific regions. Searching for the right networking partner, the CIO initiated a four-month RFP process to investigate all major global networking providers with scalable managed SD-WAN capabilities.

Recognized results

  • 40% cost savings through vendor consolidation
  • 30% bandwidth increase with SD-WAN
  • Improved application performance
  • Enabled organic and acquisition growth
  • Increased security posture

Solution: managed SD-WAN drives scalability and performance
After evaluating and testing other providers, Ingenico selected Masergy Managed SD-WAN because its agility and culture fit the company’s rapid and global scalability needs. With both organic and acquisition growth, Ingenico needed deployment in weeks not months, and the Masergy solution demonstrated simple, mix-and-match customization that delivered accelerated execution alongside a superior customer experience. With a fully managed solution including high-availability devices at each site, Masergy ensured service for Ingenico even in the event of hardware failures.

“Masergy offers us a unique, fully managed solution for our business. We ran a four-month RFP to equip our global estate of 88 sites with a managed SD-WAN solution,” said Ingenico’s CIO. “We investigated all major operators and vendors available and decided to partner with Masergy because of the maturity of its SD-WAN service offering, global implementation expertise, and personalized technical support.”

Results: 40% cost decrease and 30% bandwidth increase

Using Managed SD-WAN, Ingenico established an access-agnostic network uniquely customized for each global location, application, and end-user need. The flexible solution quickly provisions connectivity to new sites and adapts to changing demands. By deploying a hybrid WAN where both MPLS and SD-WAN coexist, the company boosted bandwidth by 30 percent, better serving business-critical applications worldwide while also balancing price, performance, and risk tolerance in an environment that backs their cloud-focused strategy. Security considerations along with network design were also key, and Masergy’s Managed SD-WAN included tight security controls with the use of global policy orchestration.

Most companies recognize modest cost savings from SD-WAN, gaining the most value from agility and productivity. But through vendor consolidation and by transitioning MPLS sites to broadband, Ingenico maximized outcomes decreasing costs by 40 percent. When a site in Spain had bandwidth challenges, Ingenico used Masergy analytics and service controls to make realtime evaluations and cost effectively add 100 megabits of bandwidth in just three days.

Key features of the SD-WAN solution

  • Dynamic path control for six business overlays
  • Adaptive forward error correction
  • Automatic IP-VPN tunnels with AES 256 encryption
  • Secure Internet breakout
  • Integrated WAN optimization and acceleration
  • Global orchestrator for global security updates

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