Hamilton backs international investment services with flawless video communications

“Masergy stands up to its reputation of top-notch customer service. We know that we can rely on them to seamlessly manage our global telecom and data networking solutions.”

Olin Honoré
Vice President of IT

Philadelphia-based Hamilton Lane is one of the largest allocators of private equity capital in the world, providing discretionary and non-discretionary private equity asset management services to investors. Since its inception, a defining element of the company’s culture has been teamwork, fostered through cross-functional teams and a collaborative investment decisionmaking process. As Hamilton Lane grew into a global company with offices across the Americas, Europe, the Middle East and Asia, maintaining its commitment to teamwork became more complex.

With 200 employees, more than a third of which are located in remote offices, the company decided to enhance its communications efforts with next-generation voice, video and data technology to ensure a cohesive and productive working environment. To successfully achieve this objective, Hamilton Lane needed to seamlessly and securely connect their remote offices to the company’s central office and data center in Philadelphia.

With business critical systems on the line, it was crucial to engage the right partner to provide high-quality network solutions that could effectively support their business applications and communications requirements on a global scale. After a thorough search of industry providers, Hamilton Lane turned to industry leader Masergy to meet its networking and connectivity needs.

Recognized results

  • Increased network reliability and performance
  • Improved user experience and application performance
  • Increased flexibility to accommodate global presence
  • Increased business productivity


“We looked at several different candidates and Masergy proved itself as a clear winner,” said Olin Honoré, Vice President of IT for Hamilton Lane. “Masergy was chosen because of the reliability and performance of its global network.”

Masergy developed and deployed a high-quality, global MPLS network, and today serves as Hamilton Lane’s primary and secondary service provider across all locations. “The reliability of the Masergy network has been fantastic. If we have a video call with a client in Hong Kong, we can always rely on a flawless experience,” said Chris O’Donnell, systems administrator at Hamilton Lane.

Additional services provided by Masergy include:

  • MPLS — from Masergy for guaranteed service andsecurity
  • Multiple circuit configuration — to POPs forredundancy and disaster recovery
  • Video service plane — to ensure quality of service(QoS) for premium video conferencing
  • Voice service plane — to provide superior-quality voicecommunications across Hamilton Lane’s network
  • VPLS — at the company’s Philadelphia office forenhanced communications and connectivity

Business success

Hamilton Lane has received substantial ROI from Masergy’s global networking solution, in addition to the following benefits:

Customer Service — Masergy is dedicated to unsurpassed customer support and satisfaction. Masergy’s NOC constantly monitors Hamilton Lane’s network 24/7 and proactively notifies key personnel of any problems — often before their in-house, real-time monitoring station provides issue notification.

Video conferencing — Masergy’s Video QoS guarantees flawless, high-definition video that enables the routine use of video conferencing for client meetings, internal team meetings, employee meetings and personnel interviews. This capability greatly reduces travel time, costs and manpower, while enhancing the company’s commitment to teamwork.

Voice — The global enterprise voice solution over the Masergy network enables internal four-digit intra-office dialing between all global offices, saving the company tens of thousands of dollars each year.

Performance — Masergy’s MPLS network provides a reliable platform that delivers consistent and superiorquality application performance across all Hamilton Lane locations. Masergy operates the only network with SLAs that guarantee all data packets on the voice and video planes are delivered in sequence with minimal jitter and latency.

Flexibility — Masergy’s seamless and scalable networkplatform, allows Hamilton Lane to effectively servetheir international locations. For example, when thecompany opened a new office in Rio de Janeiro,network installation — which would have typically beenvery challenging — was achieved effectively withouthassles. Masergy managed the entire process, includinginterfacing with the local loop providers and enablingend-to-end connectivity.

WAN Optimization — Masergy’s network with WANoptimization delivers significant improvements to awide range of Hamilton Lane’s top IT initiatives. Thecompany can now accelerate application performanceand increase business productivity while optimizing filesharing, web, email, voice and video services.

About Hamilton Lane

Hamilton Lane is an independent financial institution that provides discretionary and non-discretionary private equity asset management services to sophisticated investors worldwide. With offices throughout the U.S., London, Hong Kong, Rio de Janeiro, Tel Aviv, Tokyo and Singapore, Hamilton Lane offers a full range of investment products and services that enable clients to participate in the private equity asset class on a global and customized basis. Founded in 1991, Hamilton Lane has more than 190 employees and more than $171 billion in total assets under management and supervision.

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