Legal firms build trust and service efficiencies with Masergy

Built on their reputations, legal services firms establish client trust by meeting their clients’ digital demands. But digitizing services can be complex. From remote collaboration to safeguarding client information, every firm must balance the need to be always on with the need for constant security. Here’s how several legal firms use Masergy solutions to transform with digital services.

Virtual consultations and digital services with global performance

Video conferencing and digital interactions are how legal work gets done, but securely facilitating these activities can be difficult. For example, an IDG study shows that 63% of IT professionals say maintaining a globally consistent communications service is an issue. That’s no surprise considering video conferencing requires an ultra-low latency network. Issues like these are not isolated to video either. Firms also need other critical applications and client information to be securely accessible everywhere.

“We have made huge gains in cost effectively improving our security. Now we can reassure clients that we have a holistic security approach and a 24-hour team protecting their data, so they can trust in us.”

Stuart Whittle
Business Services and Innovation Director at Weightmans LLC

Masergy’s private cloud infrastructure better protects law firm communications

“When you don’t have an expansive IT staff, this level of service and expertise is invaluable. Masergy has become our trusted advisor. We count on them to provide the guidance and support we need for exceptional application performance.”

Brendan Mullen
IT Director at Continuum

These were the challenges of two global law firms each with more than 1,000 lawyers across the globe, as well as an international design consulting firm. All partnered with Masergy because of industry-leading SD-WAN services integrated with security and cloud applications like unified communications including SIP-trunking services. When legal IT teams tackle the cloud, network, and compliance collectively, they appreciate Masergy’s cross-functional capabilities. In the end, all firms enhanced their consultations and yet each one valued different benefits:

  • Cost savings: One firm consolidated multiple network service providers into one partnership with service level agreements for their video conferencing and other applications.
  • Productivity savings: With stretched IT resources, one firm valued the productivity savings — Masergy monitors and optimizes their network performance.
  • Communications security: Focused on cloud security and a strategy that avoids the security concerns of a public cloud service, one law firm enabled their attorneys to collaborate on a global scale using Cisco Webex collaboration technology hosted in Masergy’s private cloud infrastructure.

“We had very specific and demanding needs around security and client privacy. Masergy’s solutions are customizable, which allowed us to design a solution that met the needs of both our compliance obligations and our forward-leaning digital service goals.”

CIO at a top international law firm

“We needed to do a more effective job at actually fighting threats. Technology alone was not enough, and our speed of response is increasingly important. Masergy was different because they don’t just sell technology— their service reputation in the market speaks volumes.”

Head of IT one of the largest business law firms in South Africa

Cybersecurity: Firms strengthen data protection while gaining productivity

As the keepers of client information, law firms need their security and data protection efforts to be as impressive as their legal teams, but problems often stand in the way. With the growing number of cloud services and connected devices, security has a scope that is perpetually growing wider. Another challenge is human resources. Security systems generate mountains of information that can overwhelm IT teams.

This was the situation at top law firms in New York City, the U.K. and South Africa. Each came to Masergy wanting to offload security work. Masergy’s behavioral analytics and machine learning tools help them reduce the number of false positive alerts and increase security efficiencies. Managed detection and response services also expand their team of analysts handling those alerts. The result: accelerated response times and time savings. For instance, the U.K. law firm saves about 48 hours in monthly productivity.

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