Pentima expands sales reach to large, global enterprises with Managed SD-WAN

“Masergy’s solutions do what the client wants. It’s scalable, flexible, and secure. There’s obviously a higher expectation for performance, and Masergy delivers. Their product is more than just a box — it’s about the experience and service, which is second to none.”

Jeff Heard
Managing Director at Pentima

Recognized results

  • Expanded sales opportunities, attracting larger global clients
  • Optimized customer support and the overall service experience
  • Accelerated sales processes using Masergy’s technical expertise

Pentima has over 20 years of networking experience in its team and separates itself in a crowded market by guaranteeing a ‘first class’ customer service. The operation only works with a handful of carefully selected partners to offer premium global networking services and project management for its clients. Pentima’s Board realised that if they wanted to target larger prospects, their network would need to evolve in certain key areas:

Sales opportunities

Pentima wanted to appeal to and support global businesses, but its current network configuration couldn’t guarantee a reliable service and reach past their existing geographical limits of EU, Asia Pacific and America.

First-class customer service

With a relatively small team, Pentima was unable to support complex technical issues after the sale and take care of billing, legal, and customer services. Therefore the company required a supplier who could provide them with a hands-off service.

Sales support

Even with 20 years of network experience in their team, Pentima needed better support to deal with potential clients’ technical questions, push-backs and complex design requests during the negotiation stage, in order to win more sales.

Jeff Heard, Pentima’s managing director, had previously worked alongside Masergy during his time as an Account Manager at Colt. He knew that Masergy’s expertise and technical prowess would be an ideal fit for Pentima and enable them to evolve their business strategy significantly.

Working with Masergy

Masergy is known globally for its innovative and fully managed SD-WAN solutions. Whether Pentima’s clients are searching for a cost-effective cloud application delivery solution or to strengthen their data security, the flexibility of Masergy’s global SD-WAN services (single portal for real-time analytics, 24/7 performance monitoring, as well as the integration with security and cloud communications technologies and services) ensures that Pentima’s clients are far better equipped to handle the necessary challenges of operating in the modern, multi-cloud marketplace.

Pentima has become a Masergy channel agent. This means that Pentima acts as a trusted advisor, bringing potential clients to Masergy only after consultation when they feel that the company would benefit from Masergy’s services. In the agent model, Masergy owns the client relationship, allowing agents to stay focused on consulting rather than managing service delivery.

“With Masergy, I have tech support, billing, contracts, and any other support I need. We don’t have to worry about anything after that. It’s a ‘set it and forget it’ type of situation, which works perfectly for us being such a small team.”

The Result

Sales opportunities

The scope and reach of Masergy’s global network footprint helped expand Pentima’s sales opportunities to multi-national and mid-to-large size enterprises. The flexibility and extreme responsiveness of Masergy’s software-defined network allows the organization to address more complex needs, with Masergy now turning complexity into agility for Pentima’s clients.

First-class customer service

Masergy’s around-the-clock support has meant that Heard is now receiving feedback from his clients about how proactive and transparent Masergy’s network operations center and support staff have been, alerting them to service issues before they receive notification by the end user.

“The support that our clients get from Masergy is amazing and a genuine advantage in the marketplace for Pentima. They’re always available, professional, knowledgeable, honest, and if they don’t know, they will get you an answer.”

Sales support

Masergy’s professional and technical expertise enables Pentima to build strong bonds of trust with its prospects, and Masergy’s in-depth consultative sales process allows Pentima to uncover the full breadth and complexity of potential clients’ needs. Not only does this mean that Pentima can win larger bids more often, but the organization’s corporate reputation is also improved, inturn attracting larger clients.

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