ChoiceTel strengthens competitive SD-WAN opportunities and customer experience

“We quickly saw that Masergy was willing to do whatever it took to get us where we needed to be for our customers.”

Diane Smith
President at ChoiceTel

Recognized results

  • Enhanced customer experience
  • Strengthened market positioning
  • Increased competitive business opportunities
  • Accelerated innovation and transformation

As global enterprises work to skillfully navigate a constantly changing technology landscape, they turn to ChoiceTel for answers. The technology services provider works with businesses of all sizes across a variety of industries, delivering IT and telecom solutions. ChoiceTel’s consultative process helps IT executives understand, and successfully implement, outcome-driven solutions for digital transformation. At the heart of ChoiceTel’s success is an extensive network of strategic partners offering thousands of managed services, technologies, and cloud platforms.

After selling the SD-WAN network services of other providers and seeing the result fall short of client expectations, Diane Smith, President at ChoiceTel, was determined to find alternative providers that focused on putting the customer first. Smith’s requirements reached beyond outstanding customer service for her clients–she wanted a high level of pre-sales support alongside next-gen SD-WAN platforms that could support today’s dynamic business needs. After weeks of rigorous vetting, meetings with executive leaders, and visiting the headquarters of top contenders, ChoiceTel found Masergy best filled the gap.

Solution: Pre-sales support, engineering capacity and technical prowess

What ChoiceTel found most attractive about Masergy’s partner program was a high level of technical expertise and solution engineering capacity to support her sales operations, a reputation for superior customer experience, and a wide breadth of flexible solutions built on a software-defined network platform. Above all, however, was Masergy’s proven ability to deliver. “In this industry, there’s a big problem with overpromising and under delivering. That’s something we take very seriously,” Smith said. “It’s our job to make sure our process is geared to meet the exact needs of our customers’ IT and infrastructure initiatives, and that means partnering with vendors that can walk the walk.”

Masergy proved its ability to delight clients with a high level of consistency and transparency that Smith believes is rare in the telecom industry. “We quickly saw that Masergy was willing to do whatever it took to get us where we needed to be for our customers,” she said. “They’re able to dig deep, especially when it comes to technical engineering, and they’re always upfront and communicative, which is especially important for larger customers who have complex needs and involved processes with multiple departments at the buying table. Masergy’s experts across the board–network, security, IT engineers–are always ready to assist our customers.”

Smith recalled one particular sales engagement where Masergy exemplified the world-class experience it is known for. “How Masergy guided the customer through the sales process was just magical. They laid out the customer’s entire IT landscape, helping them prioritize their list of critical and non-critical cloud applications. Then, they explained which components were important and which ones weren’t based on their reliability requirements. It was a whiteboarding experience that demonstrated exactly where Masergy fit into the customer’s environment. That’s the kind of expertise and engineering depth we’re missing in this industry, and it’s helping us stay 10 steps ahead of the competition.”

While this consultative approach aligns well with ChoiceTel’s values and keeps sales progressing, Smith and her team also benefit from , including unique incentives and monthly training webinars. “The incentives are huge, obviously. And for many people, the training webinars Masergy offers have been very helpful,” said Smith. “They’re great for new hires to quickly learn and start succeeding.”

Results: Trusted relationships and competitive opportunities backed by service excellence

With Masergy, ChoiceTel was not only able to expand its offerings but maximize customer value and unique selling opportunities. Masergy enabled ChoiceTel to build new trusted client relationships that have already led to major wins. The transparency of technical “deep dives,” and highly responsive technical support from Masergy’s network analysts, have enabled the company to expand its ongoing revenue streams. For ChoiceTel’s clients and Smith alike, Masergy was able to fire on all cylinders–features, flexibility, service, price–and partner program too.

As a Masergy partner, Masergy enables ChoiceTel to sell across more customer needs with software-defined networkingsecurity, and direct connections to cloud applications. This has become especially critical as CIOs are increasingly reaching out about sustaining their virtual workforce with an end-to-end managed service that doesn’t ignore security. Masergy’s SD-WAN portfolio includes threat monitoring and response, cloud security, user-based identity analytics, and direct connections to cloud-based UC applications to quickly address the challenges of COVID-19. With Masergy, ChoiceTel has been able to widen its opportunities across all of these needs with one partnership and one cloud platform. “With all of these elements now inherent in just one offering, we feel we can really go above and beyond for our customers,” Smith explained. “Especially at a time like now, we feel we can help our clients act with confidence during a time of uncertainty.”

For over 25 years, ChoiceTel has been the guiding force behind global enterprises’ strategic IT planning and infrastructure initiatives. With Masergy, the company can boldly pursue the next 25. “We know better than anyone that you can’t trust someone to guide you in the right direction if they don’t understand where you need to go. Masergy knows what it’s doing, and they consistently prove that to us and our customers.”

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