STEM Scholarship Program

An innovative way to apply for our $5,000 STEM Scholarship

Masergy is proud to support the next generation of science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) innovators with our $5,000 Masergy STEM Scholarship for the Spring 2019 semester.

There is no denying the importance of STEM studies in today’s world. That’s why for the past few years Masergy has put cash in the hands of future industry leaders as they worked toward their STEM-related undergrad or graduate degrees.

Shaking up how scholarships are awarded

But we recognize that it’s a hassle to apply for a scholarship. Nobody wants to:

  • Write a boring essay about striving for academic greatness
  • Beg your school to send a copy of your official transcript
  • Send it via email with no tracking and limited response

That’s the old way of applying for a scholarship, but Masergy is looking to reward a new class of real innovators. So get out your smartphone, put it in selfie mode, and apply to the 2019 Spring Masergy STEM Scholarship with a quick video of yourself demonstrating an innovation you created. Our judges will watch all of the eligible videos then pick the best posted on Twitter.

How to apply

  • Record a video of no more than 60 seconds in length telling us who you are and showing us a STEM-related innovation that you’ve created. For example, if you developed a new way of showing light diffusion in 3D artwork, point your camera at the computer monitor, walk us through some of your code, then show us a demo of how it looks. Or show us how you built a voice-activated robot, a handle that keeps eyeglasses from sliding down your nose, or a cool pattern-matching algorithm. Anything STEM related is eligible for our scholarship
  • Upload your video to Twitter then at us using @MASERGY and the hashtag #MasergySTEMscholarship
  • The deadline for submitting your video for the $5,000 Masergy STEM Scholarship for the Spring 2019 semester is April 15, 2019 at midnight Central Time

We’re excited to see your Twitter video submission about your STEM-related innovation because as much as you hate to write an essay, the truth is that after a couple of years of getting these submissions none of our judges want to read another essay. So, Masergy is encouraging you to show off your creativity and individuality in your STEM scholarship submission video.

Have fun, but rules are rules!

Since we are serious enough to award a STEM student with a $5,000 scholarship, we expect you to take this contest seriously, too. Masergy will not accept applications posted on Twitter with videos that are one second over the 60-second limit, do not actually show your innovation, and do not contain the #MasergySTEMscholarship hashtag. So, think big, do it right, and you’ll do well in this contest.

Here are some pro tips to help your Masergy STEM Scholarship video submission make a good impression with our panel of judges:

  • Get right to it — You only have 60 seconds to impress us, so in the first five seconds you should state your name, where you go school (high school if you plan to use the $5,000 Masergy STEM Scholarship to help with your undergrad studies, college or university if you need the money for your graduate degree), and give an overview of your innovation. If you want to talk about your parents’ sacrifices so you could follow your dreams or how a personal tragedy shaped your love of STEM, then make it quick and make it relevant to presenting your innovation. The videos we want to see are the ones where you introduce yourself quickly and then spend the majority of your video submission’s running time demonstrating what you created and how you did it.
  • Show don’t tell — To win the $5,000, Masergy must see your innovation in action, and we won’t accept applications where you just talk about a concept or idea. If you built an innovative physical mechanism or tangible item, then give us an on-camera demonstration of how it works. If your innovation is virtual or intangible (e.g. computer code), then it’s up to you to show us how your innovation is useful and beneficial to the human race. Also, there are no limits on what camera or microphone you use to make your submission but be sure that your audio and video are clear and easy to understand.
  • Be creative and passionate — From past experiences we know that many scholarship seekers are just looking to submit the bare minimum requirements to get the money. That means a lot of the 2019 Spring Masergy STEM Scholarship submissions will be exactly 60 seconds long and shot vlog style with a selfie stick in a dorm room. But if you want your video to stand out, then use the same imagination, creativity, and passion that you used to create your STEM-related innovation to produce your submission video. Just don’t go over the 60-second length limit and make sure you clearly demonstrate your innovation in the video.

RT your peers and you could win Masergy swag

Masergy believes in helping others and giving back, That’s why we encourage all scholarship applicants on Twitter to follow @MASERGY to see other STEM Scholarship application videos. When you see a clever video submission for the Masergy STEM Scholarship from one of your peers, don’t be selfish with your praise! Like or retweet that video even though you are in competition with that person for the $5,000 scholarship. Not only is it good karma, but Masergy will randomly reward these RTs and likes with Masergy-branded swag such as tote bags, ball caps, and insulated tumblers.

Previous Winners

Michael Doane, 2018 Winner

Samantha Garcia, 2017 Winner

April Opsvig, 2016 Winner

Encouraging Innovation

"We created the Masergy STEM scholarship for one purpose: To help students make a difference in our world."

— Chris MacFarland, Chairman & CEO, Masergy

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