Microsoft Teams can act as your phone service: Here’s what you need to consider

Published on April 21st, 2020

One cool thing about Microsoft® Teams is that it can act as your phone service, but leveraging Teams in this way requires a calling plan that brings with it important considerations in the way of service quality and global reach. Here’s what you need to know to guarantee cloud application service and deliver a pristine user experience using Masergy’s new Microsoft Teams Direct Connect service.

Microsoft Teams expands its reach into telephony

If you’re a “Microsoft shop,” you’re likely enjoying the simplicity of how Microsoft Teams, Office and Groups all work together—it’s an efficiency that equates to avoiding hours of integration and configuration for IT. This holistic system of services is precisely what Microsoft considers one of its biggest selling points, and the collaboration benefits are stretching even farther today with integration into telephony systems.

Originally released in June 2018, Direct Routing features enable customers to use their existing telephony infrastructure with Teams, creating a “full voice service” when combined with Microsoft’s Phone System for Office 365. But leveraging Teams for all it’s worth requires a calling service that spawns critical considerations for IT leaders. This is where Masergy can help.

Considerations when evaluating calling plans

When IT leaders want to leverage Microsoft Teams and their telephony service in one powerful toolset, it requires a PSTN (public switched telephone network) service. When you turn to Microsoft’s Calling Plan for this service, here’s what you’ll want to consider:

Masergy’s Microsoft Teams Direct Connect service

As a Microsoft Teams Direct Routing provider, Masergy helps IT leaders ensure their PSTN service delivers on the needs of their enterprise. Those who choose Masergy’s Direct Connect service to Microsoft Teams get:

Pay-for-Use Model: Clients pay for what they use, which can help right-size the calling plan. SIP Trunking allows your business to deploy and pay for only the concurrent call paths you need. No new on-premise hardware is required.

Global Service: Masergy’s service offers PSTN and SIP trunking in 25 countries. Clients enjoy private, encrypted connectivity with local dialing in all 25 countries. It’s a wide-reaching service designed to make international, long-distance calls cost effective.

Quality Controlled: Service is delivered through Masergy’s software-defined network, which was purpose-built for VoIP and video communications. Moreover, deep performance analytics are available in Masergy’s UCaaS Analyst dashboard. This helps IT leaders:

Security: Security is a built-in feature with encrypted SIP trunks. Masergy’s encrypted SIP trunks into Microsoft provide call paths for all inbound/outbound calls over the PSTN.

Few IT leaders are aware that Direct Routing connections offer an alternative to Microsoft’s Calling Plan. With Masergy’s service, there is a direct, encrypted connection between Masergy and Microsoft, so clients get security and simplicity in one solution.

Ready to learn more? Contact us today for a free consultation on Masergy’s Microsoft Teams Direct Connect services.

Shawn Cooke

With over 30 years in the field, starting with a 13 year career in the US Air Force as a telecommunications and networking specialist, Shawn has participated in many facets of the industry, including: technician, network engineer, instructor, manager, system integration and project management, consultant, and now solutions-based sales for Masergy Communications. Shawn's current discipline and responsibilities include: Hosted Unified Communications, SIP Trunking, and Omni-Channel Cloud Contact Center as well as expertise in Masergy hybrid and SD-WAN networking solutions.

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