Masergy UCaaS with Cisco Webex: Collaboration that’s as complete as a supreme pizza

Avatar for Rudy TibuniBy Rudy Tibuni|Feb 11, 2021|7:30 am CST

Video conferencing is how business gets done these days, which explains why Cisco’s Webex products have taken a prominent position in the collaboration space. It holds 1/3 of the market share today–and even more when you look at Fortune 500 companies. Things are really heating up for Webex, too. Their new wave of Webex innovation, WebexOne, is likely to draw even more fans in 2021.

But even if Webex is winning today’s collaboration feature wars, the applications alone don’t check all the boxes for IT leaders who approach unified communications with a keen eye toward the network and security.

Cloud collaboration applications fail to delight crowds if IT doesn’t have the right network service to serve up perfect user experiences and the right security protections in place to keep hackers out. It’s a bit like sitting down to eat pizza and getting served nothing but crust. In fact, an IDG study shows 93% of IT leaders want their UCaaS solutions topped with network and security services. Furthermore, Nemertes Research says pairing UCaaS with SD-WAN correlates with collaboration success by more than 50+%.

But for many IT teams, getting that full pizza feels a bit like pie in the sky. Total solutions that address cross-functional IT needs are absent from the market. So, how do companies get a Webex pizza with all the network sauce and security toppings they want?

To solve this problem, Masergy just released UCaaS with Cisco Webex. It’s a simple, scalable, and total solution that covers best-of-breed team collaboration applications, the network, and security. In fact, it’s as complete and delicious as a supreme pizza in the following ways:

The crust

That tasty crust is the Cisco Webex application platform–it’s the brand IT leaders know and trust. This is the no-brainer starting place for any company wanting enterprise-grade collaboration tools.

  • Cloud collaboration on any device
  • Start a meeting with just a few clicks
  • Innovative features that make virtual collaboration better than in-person interactions

The sauce

That hidden red layer is another foundational ingredient–the network service. After all, tomato sauce is what makes a pizza a pizza! Not all sauce is the same, of course. Internet services are watery weak-sauce that make for a messy user experience. On the other hand, pair our new offering with Masergy’s SD-WAN and you’ll get world-class service level agreements that empower rich productivity that’s always on. Your call quality and mean opinion scores (MOS) are sure top the charts when your Webex solution provides:

  • 100% in-sequence packet delivery
  • <1 millisecond of jitter for voice and video calls
  • Availability in 120 countries

The cheese

Cheese is the calling or voice service, and the cheese pizza is what everyone has known and loved for years. It’s the traditional pie that now needs to be modernized for the unique taste buds of every business. Masergy’s standard meal is made with these mouth-watering ingredients:

  • SIP Trunking for hybrid solutions to squeeze more life out of your legacy enterprise PBX
  • 25 countries with direct PSTN relationships, SIP trunking and local, in-country calling
  • Cloud voice and video calling using a hosted UC platform and global connectivity delivered by Masergy

Mushrooms & olives

These favorite fungi and pickled stone fruits are the Webex meetings and messaging capabilities. Just like meetings, things get a little mushy when cooked too long, but how else do you get that unique flavor of engagement?

  • Interactive webinars for up to 1,000 participants with HD-video
  • Integrations with Microsoft, Google, Salesforce, and Apple means you can schedule meetings from any enterprise calendar then instantly launch a meeting from any laptop, tablet, smartphone—even from your car with Apple CarPlay
  • Secure connections with PINs and authorization codes

Pepperoni & sausage

All the spice comes from Webex’s team collaboration tools that make for an enjoyable user experience and bond groups through their work.

  • Launch chat, meetings, file sharing, video, and more in one unified app
  • Switch devices seamlessly to maintain an uninterrupted workflow
  • Connect to all your collaboration apps with 3rd-party integrations

Peppers & onions

This not-to-miss duo represents the vital security technologies and certified security analysts that work in unison to monitor systems, responding to threats and reducing risk 24/7. Masergy’s Managed Security Services include end-to-end coverage:

Baked to perfection with a difference you can taste

Masergy is like the restaurant with the big wood-fired pizza oven. The right partner is what makes the magic happen. Our team melts the best applications, industry-leading network services, and security protections into one total meal that tastes amazing, because we take on the burdens of cooking and cleaning. This way, the client’s IT team and their users can simply savor the benefits.

Ready to serve up the Webex pizza that will delight your remote users with a more consistent experience all around the globe? You can rest assured that your Webex solution will serve up perfection when it’s riding on Masergy’s high-performance, global network and monitored 24/7 by our network and security analysts.

Learn more about Masergy’s new UCaaS with Cisco Webex.

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