Datatel1 and Digital Planet Communications Inc. reach Apex level in Masergy Zenith Program

Avatar for Craig SchlagbaumBy Craig Schlagbaum|May 25, 2021|7:30 am CDT

Today, I am pleased to announce that Datatel1 and Digital Planet Communications Inc. have attained Apex level status within the Masergy Zenith Program. We’re delighted to induct them into this elite group and celebrate their achievements as top leaders in our channel community.

“Datatel1 is thrilled to be named as an Apex partner of Masergy. Our partnership with Masergy is supported through deep sales alignment with our team and the best-of-breed solutions Masergy provides to our customers,” said Stephen Murray, CEO of Datatel1.

“Masergy checks all of our boxes. As one of Digital Planet Communications’ top suppliers Masergy has it all, network, product selection, SLA’s, industry recognition, customer service, and most of all, great people. We highly recommend Masergy,” said Brent Killen, Owner of Digital Planet Communications Inc.

Partner agents who reach Apex status have the proven ability to help companies of all sizes digitally transform with Masergy’s cloud networking platform. They understand how to leverage Masergy’s flexible portfolio of SASE, SD-WAN and unified communications solutions to present a wide selection of choices, meeting companies no matter where they are in their transformation journey.

Apex is the highest level within the Zenith Program for our agents. Partners ascend to the Apex level based on sales bookings, deal volumes and training. Apex members receive many benefits, some of which include:

  • Revenue & sales growth with differentiated and innovative SD-WAN solutions
  • Enhanced co-marketing including campaigns, leads, social selling and MDF
  • Expanded sales support with quarterly business & marketing reviews
  • Incentives and highly competitive commission structures available to all partners

As a partner-first company, Masergy launched the Zenith Program in 2020 to re-energize our partner community, putting more programs and resources in place that sharpen our focus on shared success. We view Apex members as trusted advisors for companies addressing the challenges of work-from-home, data security, and the ongoing need for innovation. As IT consultants, partners play a critical role in helping companies rapidly deploy best of breed solutions that can deliver a competitive edge.

About Datatel1

DataTel1 is a firm of customer dedicated Telecommunications professionals that represent over 85+ carriers worldwide. We understand that every business is different and this is why our goal is to learn everything we can about the way our customers do business on a daily basis. Most of all we understand that each business needs more than just another vendor, but a partner for life.

With over 99% customer retention rate we are more confident that we can provide your business with the best quality service at the most competitive rates available. Our mission is to end confusion, misinformation and wasted time often associated with looking for and managing communications services. DataTel1 eliminates the need to shop for lower rates or to explore the latest technologies. We can do all that for you and keep you focused on what you do the best. We constantly monitor the market and insure your business has the best technologies, at the best value, while getting priority service. Learn more at

About Digital Planet Communications Inc.

Founded in December of 2001, Digital Planet was created to bridge the service gap between telecom service providers and business customers. Digital Planet brought custom tailored solutions to customers looking for network connectivity and telephone equipment solutions, in a single solution.

Today, Digital Planet has evolved. Clients want services designed with seamless integration of all business communications technologies into a single, balanced, effective solution. The “evolution of technology is exponential.” Connected devices are everywhere, and Digital Planet’s knowledge is key for our clients. So many companies today are in the business of “more.” Selling more services, more hardware, and constantly selling more to fix business communications issues.

What’s Digital Planet’s philosophy? We are in the business of SMART, meaning SMART solutions, SMART networks, SMART security and design, and SMART business decisions to solve your communications needs. Digital Planet provides detailed analysis of all aspects of communications technology, ensuring solutions and services are designed to work together to maximize efficiency, minimize cost, and eliminate unnecessary redundancy. Learn more at

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