Why legal firms choose Masergy to digitize and improve the client experience

Avatar for Jody GilliamBy Jody Gilliam|Jun 29, 2021|7:30 am CDT

Digital technologies are giving legal firms exciting new ways to be competitive–from litigators using Artificial Intelligence (AI) to uncover background information to law firms employing chatbots to help with customer service operations. Yet the legal industry is notoriously behind as far as readiness for digital transformation. In a 2020 survey, 76% of lawyers cited the “increasing importance of legal technology” as the top trend across legal firms, but only 28% said that their legal firms were very prepared for it.

The biggest obstacles to digital transformation for the legal industry are data security and compliance concerns, especially for firms operating on a global scale and with work-from-home attorneys. Law firms are in the unique position of needing to cater to the evolving customer experience while still adhering to unforgiving cybersecurity and regulatory regulations. But to transform they must also abide and comply. Legal firms that choose Masergy’s SD-WAN, security, and SASE (secure access service edge) solutions because they are seeing huge gains in cost-effective advancement and digital growth. Here’s how Masergy helped several global law firms modernize to meet the needs of their clients while prioritizing data security and compliance.

Virtual consultations for the new era of legal interactions

Even prior to the 2020 pandemic, law firms recognized that remote collaboration and video conferencing were on the horizon as their clientele increasingly asked for virtual consultations. But maintaining a global network that both supports digital experiences through video as well as safeguards client information is a notable challenge. Masergy helped two global firms – each with more than 1,000 attorneys across the world – integrate its corporate network with SD-WAN, security, and cloud applications such as UCaaS to meet all those challenges. The firms enhanced their consultative offerings with these key benefits:

Cybersecurity in today’s threat-filled landscape 

As law firms increasingly use cloud applications and automation technologies, data protection becomes more complicated and time-consuming. Masergy helped law firms in New York City, the U.K., and South Africa offload this critical cybersecurity workManaged security services applied behavioral analytics and machine learning tools to help these firms reduce their number of false-positive security alerts and increase threat response efficiencies. The firms achieved:

Masergy’s deep expertise and broad portfolio of networking and security solutions allowed each of these legal firms to digitally transform without compromising data security or compliance. So, it should come of no surprise that Masergy has attracted more law firms. In March, we reported that two of the largest law firms in the U.S. signed on as new clients. Why Masergy? Up-time is money and Masergy’s network performance with embedded security gave them peace of mind. With Masergy, they securely power up thousands of work-from-home lawyers around the globe.

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